Our Products / Services

Started in 2000, IT Risk Managers, Inc. is the industry’s premier broker of Internet & Technology Insurance. Whether you are a technology company or a company that uses technology, we can help.

Traditional business insurance does not fully address the needs of technology companies or companies that use technology. In fact, most traditional insurance policies have added internet-related exclusions.

Traditional business insurance claims are triggered by physical loss. Anymore, business insurance claims are triggered by virtual loss, like a security breach in a database. These virtual triggers have driven the need for an entirely new approach to traditional business insurance exposures.

The insurance industry has developed an entirely new set of innovative insurance products designed specifically to cover virtual risks and exposures.

We can assist you with understanding the risks and placing coverage for these new exposures. If you have an insurance agent already, we can work with them, or if you need an agent, we can assist there, too.

The key to writing this coverage is having access to the right markets and understanding and communicating the exposure to both the underwriter and the insured. We understand these risks and exposures!

As an independent agent we have access to most of the National carriers such as AXIS, Beazley US, Chartis, CNA, The Hartford, Hudson, and Zurich just to name a few. In addition, we also have great relationships with a number of underwriting syndicates at Lloyds of London for those special risks.

Every company that uses technology has some risks, whether you buy coverage just depends on whether you prefer to self-insure or transfer the risks. IT Risk Managers is your one-stop resource for understanding, identifying and transferring these new risks and exposures.