IT Risk Managers, Inc., has been working in the identity theft industry since the turn of the century. Because of IT Risk Manager’s work insuring networks and databases, we learned early on what happens to the individual that has their personal and private information compromised.

Therefore, we have developed a number of products and service to assist the individual in preventing and minimizing the risk of becoming an identity theft victim. If you are interested in our group sales or bundled product, please call us directly at 517-381-9909.

Employee Benefit Products

  • Executive Benefit Plan
  • Employee Paid Benefit Plan
  • Voluntary Employee Benefit Plan

Individual Product

  • Personal Protection Plan
  • Family Plan Plus
  • Complete Protection Plan

Identity Theft Protection Products for Organizations

In addition, IT Risk Managers, Inc. also has products to assist the organization, association business or corporation with financial reimbursement should a security breach occur and the personal and private information of individuals is compromised. For more information, click here to reach our Database Insurance page.