For merchants that primarily do business over the internet, accepting a credit card can be a gamble because unauthorized credit card use is rampant online. But merchants can protect themselves against chargebacks from theft, forgery, or unauthorized use of a credit card in Card Not Present transactions with a WebMerchantGuard policy.

Who needs a WebMerchantGuard policy?

  • Internet only operations
  • “Click and Mortar” companies
  • Brick and mortar companies that sell through the mail or over the phone
  • Independent sales/services operations that process credit card payments
  • Internet shopping portals with preferred web merchants
  • Financial institutions that manage web merchant’s financial accounts
  • Application software providers that offer fraud prevention solutions

This coverage was designed specifically for Card Not Present merchants to protect against the enormous risk that comes with accepting credit cards. It can help protect against devastating chargebacks, reduce necessary cash reserves and improve cashflow. This is coverage you can’t afford to be without.

DISCLAIMER: The descriptions herein are a summary only and not a warranty of coverage. Please see the policy form for full coverage details.