Professional liability coverage, also called Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage, insures a person or entity against claims made by third parties alleging negligence or an error in the rendering of, or failure to render, professional services with the degree of skill expected.

Originally, professional liability coverage was designed for licensed professionals such as lawyers, doctors and accountants. Today, the scope of this coverage has broadened and can now apply to almost any service provider who is paid for his or her expertise or who might be held accountable (liable) for his or her actions by a client. If you are a licensed professional and the policy is specific, then this coverage is called professional liability. If you are a non-licensed service professional, then it is called Errors & Omissions.

Professional liability insurance defends against both real and imagined errors and omissions. The possibility of needing to defend yourself and your business against a suit is very real, and purchasing professional liability insurance may be the best business decision you make.

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